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We take pride in finding graphic design solutions for the private and public sectors. We are passionate about graphic design, including the importance of whitespace, allowing authentic design to emerge.

Whatever the project and the project's goal, we will listen and guide,
resulting in a relevant and considered graphic design solution.

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Brand identity

Creating a solid brand identity is key to any company's presence. It's the key tool that sets the look for all designs in the future, keeping your brand consistent and instantly recognisable across all platforms.


A good company logo should do two things: communicate what you stand for and make people remember your business. It's usually the first impression a client will get, so it should reflect your company's vision, product, or service.

FOR print

Professionally designed printed media gives a positive impression of your company and creates brand recognition. This could include things like brochures, catalogues, leaflets, business cards, company stationery, and company documents.

DIGITAL design

Designed digital media to keep

your online and digital presence

on brand. This could included digital brochures with or without fully functioning ordering facilities, email campaign design, and social media posts.


Creating your web presence is a big deal. It establishes your business's online identity to the world and prospective clients. It's often the first place a client will look for a product or service. When designing a website, you should consider many things: aesthetic, usability, and interactivity. Each website should be unique to a business's needs and vision.

design for

The design for large format print differs drastically from other design processes. It's essential to understand image size and the resulting quality when designs are printed at full size. If this is not considered, the result could be poor quality and pixelated. Design for large format includes graphic design for exhibition stands, bespoke digital wallpaper, and front-of-house media.

SIGNAGE wayfindinG

Signage wayfinding is an integral part of your visitor's experience. It needs to be clear and concise, offering an easy journey experience. It can play an even bigger role for your organisation by introducing your vision and brand at another level not usually considered.

exhibition stands

Graphic design for exhibition stands should be well considered. It should get your product or service across at a glance, creating immediate interest, and ultimately get the prospective client to stop and find out more! It should also be on point with your brand and leave an impression. Effective graphic design is invaluable to the success of your exhibit.

Who we are...

Professional Graphic Design Studio

You've come to the right place if you're looking for professional Graphic Design to help your company grow. Whatever your vision, we're committed to bringing it to life.

We provide guidance and support throughout the design process, from the initial strategy to the outcome. We'll work closely with you to understand your requirements, style, and which elements are most important. 

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I received our exhibition stand yesterday and it’s absolutely superb!

Thank you for the work you did towards making it so good"

David Pierce / Marketing & Business Development / Stewart Technology Ltd

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